Flaws are an adventure. I'm drawn to them. I embrace them. Flaws make us human and unique. Flaws are perfection.

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Hella horny. Hella sleepy. Hella sad.

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Daughter - Winter

"we’re too similar
losing our minds with cabin fever
shut in confined spaces
lost in the dark”

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"Forgive someone because you believe they are truly sorry, not just because you want to keep them in your life."

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"I don’t feel very good about myself. 
People always leave me. 
Nobody can stand me for very long. 
I wish I could cut my tongue out, 
or take out the part of my brain 
that has opinions. Or cares. 
I wish I could be simple. 
Be quiet, introverted, or shy. 
I’m half way in between a wallflower 
at a party and elvis presley. 
People love one or the other. 
In between is no place to be."

- Taken from a one page play by Jack White, supposedly written when he was nineteen  (via hefuckin)

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i hope everybody is staying cute and hydrated

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